Ninja Skills Packages

Ninja Skills Packages

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You are the embodiment of service. You are the commensurate professional and you get the job done, day AND night. How do you explain this on paper? TO CIVILIANS?! How do you even begin to translate NCOIC to a civilian? We get it done for you.

Ninja Skills packages can help you get there. These are packages based on successful techniques now used by thousands of military and law enforcement personnel to highlight skills and showcase results. The simple techniques and proven and practical. Whether you are just starting to look for work or whether you’ve been in for 25 years and have no idea where to start, you’ll gain the necessary skills and knowledge to get you great results. 

Ninja Skills is the one-on-one application of your documents in an easy and practical conversation. Get your head wrapped around what your documents are showcasing to the world.

Get your resume and cover letter professionally written-submit a resume package that best represents your military and wartime experiences.

  1. Get your abilities and training translated into simple lay terms for potential civilian employers.

  2. Understand the job search market and powerfully manipulate the structure to situate yourself ahead of others who have not done the work.

  3. Apply for and be selected to jobs that fit your overall plan, taking into consideration, geography, salary, benefits and overall quality of life.

  4. Learn to market yourself as a powerhouse of skills, abilities and values.

This rich resource will continue to serve you even after you find your ideal job for years to come. These are life skills you can apply anywhere, anytime!

Basic Ninja: On target. Every. Single. Time. You get 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter PLUS a 30-minute review of your documents and what next steps you should take. Done and Done

Ninja Warrior: Smooth, quick and agile. Everything in the Basic Ninja Package AND 2 hours LIVE coaching session (also can be done over the phone/internet if you can’t meet in person). Get your most important questions answered. 

Ninja Assassin: Gets the job done every time. Everything in the Basic Ninja Package PLUS 3-hours LIVE coaching sessions (in person or over the phone/internet).

Ninja Dragon: Stealthy-with dragon-like reflexes. Everything in the .Basic Ninja Package PLUS 8-hours of coaching including LinkedIn and other social media hidden secrets, networking strategies (that actually work), interview skills prep including answering strategies, foolproof plan to maintain consistency in responses and answers to the top 12 most asked questions.


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